I’ve been waiting for this album to happen for quite some time now. Please take a listen to the whole thing because it is magic.

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I’ve been loving this song for a while now and wishing I had the skills to make a remix or something.

You have such great taste. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your stuff. I love the concept for your blog, too. Entirely devoted to music but not stalking a band. You rock and keep doing you.

!!!Thank you!!!I want to hug you right now!!! Perfectly timed message, too. My day has been pretty awful but you have made it so much better! Please keep doing what you’re doing as well!

Sometimes people just have songs that cover the whole spectrum of emotion for them. This is mine.

I started college this week, as I’m sure a lot of people did. Playlist title is self explanatory. Background picture has no point other than the fact that it is pretty.

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I made you this long ass playlist to make up for lost time.

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hi! i want to thank you for the list you made. now im addicted to local natives' heavy feet! been listening to it for days. thank you so much :D

Thank you for liking it!

*Sorry for just noticing this but I have been without a laptop for quite some time now. I have a computer now so there will be more playlists coming! Promise.

Current Obsessions Part 2

Mystery Jets: I initially fell in love with their album, Radlands. Then, I found out how fantastic they are and wow they are great. Plz listen to them. Specifically, you should try “Lost in Austin” or “Serotonin.”

Jonquil: Seriously love these guys! Their songs remind me of home even if they are from the UK. I listen to them and I feel like I’m at the US Open except it’s more pleasant. Listen to “Pillow Quest” or “History of Headaches.”

Vacationer: I first heard these guys on the radio and decided they kind of sounded like Vampire Weekend (vaguely, okay. Don’t murder me for saying that.) Anyway, I listened to a few more songs and concluded that they are just awesome at making music. They use a lot of percussion and the overall feel is one of being at the beach or on an island. Listen to “Paradise Waiting” or “The Wildlife.”

The Griswolds: First of all, I definitely appreciate the fact that they got their band name from the Vacation series. Second, they are just a band that will make you happy. They are a bunch of loose swearers that surprisingly take into account the weight of curse words. Again, they also use a lot of percussion but with a little more guitar infused in it than Vacationer. They are a perfect summer band. Listen to “Heart of a Lion” and “Beware the Dog.”

On a quick side note, a single song that I am really really obsessed with right now is “Red Eyes” by War On Drugs. So check that song out.

For everyone but mostly for my fellow graduates. A bittersweet playlist for these bittersweet goodbyes.

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I love this song but I love this video even more.

Hope everyone is having a good record store day! I certainly am. I got two Dan Croll records (and he tweeted me today!!!), the Foals live record, and The Righteous One from The Orwells.
If you didn’t know it was record store day today, there are some pretty exclusives out. My advice: go out to your local record store ASAP and support the vinyl record!

Current Obsessions:

  • Bear Hands: Anything by them. They are wonderful. If I had to choose a favorite off their newest album, it would be “Bad Friend.”
  • Dan Croll: I’ve been waiting for a full length from this babe for what feels like a lifetime. He’s got pretty melodies and surprisingly cute and quirky lyrics while still having a lot of meaning behind them. Listen to “Thinkin Aboutchu” or “Home.”
  • Kaiser Chiefs: Their new album is really good. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds darker than their previous albums, but I think that’s what makes it good. Listen to “Ruffians On Parade” or “Coming Home.”
  • Cage the Elephant: Well, I just saw them so duh I’m obsessed with them right now. They are such great performers and surprisingly respectful of their audience. I don’t know what that says about me if I was expecting them to be drunk and mean. Granted, one of the guitarists came on stage with three Coronas in hand, they were never rude, therefore I am in love with them. Listen to “Cigarette Daydreams” or “Sabertooth Tiger.”

I made this over spring break. I’m back in school now and just a little sad about not being where I want to be.

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I’ve been hoarding/perfecting this one for a bit.

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